Shake monsters when damaged
[ld40.git] / ld40.js
2017-12-29 MegaBrutalShake monsters when damaged
2017-12-29 MegaBrutalFix healthbar not showing 0 when killed
2017-12-28 MegaBrutalMerge branches 'cleaning' and 'balancing'
2017-12-28 MegaBrutalCleanup: Remove unused keyboard handler cleaning
2017-12-28 MegaBrutalRemove the first monster balancing
2017-12-27 MegaBrutalCleanup: Monster also uses JusticeBlaster as a weapon
2017-12-27 MegaBrutalCleanup: Use Phaser.Bullet & Phaser.Weapon
2017-12-27 MegaBrutalDone some balancing
2017-12-05 MegaBrutalInitial commit