2018-11-23 MegaBrutalBlock more HTTP request methods master
2018-11-22 MegaBrutalUpdate todo list
2018-11-21 MegaBrutalAvoid memory leaks when using TRelayer
2018-11-21 MegaBrutal(Relay) Minor optimization to TRelayer.OpenConnection
2018-11-21 MegaBrutalBind to user-specified address (BindAddress)
2018-11-12 MegaBrutalLog actual listen address
2018-10-26 MegaBrutalUse getaddrinfo & getnameinfo
2018-10-17 MegaBrutalFix TLogger.AddStdLine to work with Wine 1.6
2018-10-15 MegaBrutalLog warning when deprecated ListenPort is used
2018-10-12 MegaBrutalListen on user-specified addresses
2016-09-12 MegaBrutalCatch CTRL-C event in user mode
2016-09-12 MegaBrutalFixed a typo
2015-02-11 MegaBrutal(Relay) Handle unexpected replies and disconnections...
2015-02-08 MegaBrutalFall back to HELO when remote server doesn't understand...
2015-02-07 MegaBrutalFixed non-RFC-compliant handling of lines starting...
2015-02-02 MegaBrutalOption to add Reply-To header to forwarded e-mails
2014-12-15 MegaBrutalMgSMTP 0.9s 0.9s
2014-12-14 MegaBrutalUpdated changelog
2014-12-13 MegaBrutalUpdated readme files
2014-12-11 MegaBrutalUpdated sample config file to reflect new features
2014-12-06 MegaBrutalMgSMTP 0.9s rc1
2014-12-05 MegaBrutalInitial commit